Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Episode 6: Durians are evil

As someone who has to travel a lot, I found this episode relatable in many ways. I also thought it did a great job of shifting the focus away from Mari to look at the other three girls. Hinata was the most obvious focus in the episode, but Yuzu and Shirase seemed to have their moments too.

I'm probably too used to planes with subpar food, but I've always hated when people wake me up on planes for food. It's hard enough to sleep on planes. Usually, I'd rather just have the extra sleep, you know?

I'm sure Hinata probably comes off as causing more trouble than she should, but I really understood how she felt in the episode. I can get thinking that you don't want to derail everyone else because of a mistake you've made. I also liked how the scene was tied into why Hinata chose not to go to school.

Yuzu felt like a bit of a hidden hero in this episode. She's been more absent than the other girls, so I was really happy to see the character she brought to this episode. For example, I really liked when she slid out at the sight of the durian ice cream in this scene. She obviously filled the role of the seasoned traveler, but she seemed to also act as the most responsible girl in the group (like when she was interrogating Shirase and Hinata for hiding things from the group).

Naturally, Shirase had her big moment in the episode too. It was pretty obvious where her character change was going, but it was still pretty important for her to show how her priorities have shifted.

The fact that Shirase had Hinata's passport was a great surprise twist at the end. However, I have to be a bit cynical and point out that it looked like she was holding three passports. Since Yuzu mentioned earlier in the episode that she had her own passport, Shirase must have been holding Mari's passport. It's a little bit surprising that no one mentioned that...especially since all girls were watching when Hinata handed over her passport. It was still a fun episode, though.

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