Kokkoku Episode 5: New factions

So, I guess we're just going to be in this Stasis for the rest of the series. While I still think the information that's being presented in this series continues to be interesting, I think keeping track of consistency of that information is starting to wear me out. I'm also getting tired of the constant cliffhangers.

Watching Majima's backstory felt awkward as it was initially presented. It seemed too short and didn't really explain why the family started becoming Heralds. Majima eventually explains that they couldn't accept the Stasis world, but I'm surprised it had to wait until later to appear as exposition.

I liked the idea that Juri "saved" Majima from becoming part of Stasis with her family by using her power. It puts a different spin on the power's utility.

I'm still convinced that we're just missing a piece of Majima's background, as I'm still not convinced that she should know all that she does about the Stasis. I think there was a brief mention of a book that chronicled tradiitonal knowledge about Stasis that probably explains it, but it doesn't feel complete yet.

Are they setting up the father as a future traitor? Meh...

What happened to that thing where the jellyfish move to a Stalled when someone gets killed by a Herald? That's two deaths that haven't been handled yet. I'm worried that this means that a future scene will be rewinding the clock again.

I was surprised that Majima's family showed up so quickly, but I liked what how the show set up her motivations. I liked the reveal that she didn't have any illusions of saving them. She just wanted to bring them peace.

Also, I'm not too surprised that Sako joins up with Majima. He was unnaturally curious about Majima in a previous episode, and I think he even made her promise to tell him her story. That level of attention was way too much for a grunt. Having more factions in this Stasis makes things interesting.

Well played, Tsubasa. I'm not sure where this fight is going next week, but it's clear that Tsubasa will be fine. I was somewhat hoping Tsubasa would develop his own power, but I guess he's just there to put a clock on the show. The preview shows him starting to become part of the Stasis world. I actually want Makoto to save him, but maybe that's asking for too much.

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