Darling in the FranXX Episode 4: Finally

Subtlety continues to be tough to find in this show, but I'm hoping we're starting to get into the good stuff. Now that Hiro's proven himself, I want to see what the series actually has in store. I'm hoping we're past the frustrating song and dance of whether Hiro and Zero Two would ever ride together.

This scene has me confused because it makes it sound like they've purposely been forcing Zero Two to ride with incompatible stamens. It would certainly explain why they keep barring Hiro, but it seems like an odd thing to do in general.

I found this particular line funny. It seemed like a reference to the previous episode when the Franxx pilots assumed there was only one enemy.

I wonder why the aspect ratio changed here. I'm going to guess that it's meant to focus in on the conversation between the two and symbolize that they no longer care what's going on around them.

Hey, there's the subtlety I was looking for...

Is it weird that I'm disappointed to see a relatively normal cockpit configuration?

Zero Two's little smirk to Ichigo was a nice touch. Of course, the rivalry for Hiro continues on, but it felt like more to me. When Strelizia arrived, Ichigo and the other parasites reacted specifically to the arrival of their comrade, Hiro. The reaction runs a bit counter to what we've been shown so far, which is that the robot is an avatar of the pistil. This scene seemed to play on that fact by giving Zero Two the stage.

These adults continue to be frustrating. I just can't tell why they insist on their restrictions so much. If it was because they cared about Hiro, why were they going to throw him away at the beginning of the series?

Given that this entire series is basically a sexual innuendo, I wonder if the adults are meant to represent the irrational societal limitations on sexual behavior. Just a thought.

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