Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 4: On to the next target?

I was definitely surprised that we got a resolution this week. I have to say I'm happy with the way this story turned out. I'm really impressed with the way this series incorporates the information that it's given us. Everything seems to fit together, making it a lot more fun to keep track of things.

Given how everything was tied up, I'm curious where the series goes from here. The end of the episode seems to be setting up a new character as the focus of the story. If I remember correctly, he was introduced in the very first episode when Saitou was introduced.

I was planning to complain about this scene, because it felt unnecessary. We'd already figured out last week that Enokida had betrayed Lin and Banba, so it seemed repetitive to show him actually doing it. However, this scene sets up a scene where Enokida calls Banba to warn him and a scene where Reiko finds a tracking bug planted on her clothes. So, this scene that seemed strange at first was actually quite pivotal.

I'm glad that the Niwaka Samurai reveal wasn't prolonged. Banba's line here almost seems point at the audience. Also, this series really escalated quickly. I really didn't think the Niwaka Samurai would kill so many characters that had been developed already.

I also wasn't expecting this scene to tie in to this episode as well. It seemed a bit random last week, but it's a perfect way to get Jirou and Saitou involved while giving Banba a way to fake his death. Every character in this series feels so nicely integrated into the story.

This scene also didn't seem like much, but it felt important to me. The fact that these guys continue to speak cryptically even after Banba is revealed to be the Niwaka Samurai establishes that they always speak in this way. I usually get annoyed in anime when characters say things in misleading ways without any reason other than to mess with the audience. This scene makes it feel like these guys speak cryptically normally, not to trick the viewers.

This scene was also a small detail that I likeed to see. We saw already that Banba was just a sellsword, so it was weird that he had a reputation as a hitman killer. I was actually going to ask about that, but the show explained it before I could.

I didn't even realize it until I saw Saitou throw his pitch, but he said in an earlier episode that he couldn't even throw a ball after almost killing a guy. So, the fact that he throws the baseball at the mayor's son was way more important than I realized at the time.

The last loose end for me is Qiaomei. I still can't quite accept that she's dead even though it has been pretty established by this point. Maybe I'm overthinking it.

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