Violet Evergarden Episode 4: Flower names

This series is doing a good job of hinting at the signs of Violet's progress, but this week's episode felt somewhat incomplete. I liked a lot of what the episode did to relate Iris to Violet, but some of it seemed a little bit random. The biggest example is the scene at the end, pointing out that both characters were named after flowers.

I still find Violet's brutal honesty entertaining. It was fun to watch her call Iris out in front of her family. The scene at the end where Violet charges Iris for writing the letters was also especially hilarious. I guess I just find it charming.

While there's nothing particularly wrong with centering the episode around the typical story of a parent trying to push marriage on to her child, the story felt wrong. Did the Emonn guy just not matter? It almost felt like he was just there for Violet to make the "I love you" link. I was expecting him to at least have a reason for rejecting Iris. Maybe it's not really important, but I guess I was looking for any kind of explanation.

I was going to harp on the repeated reminder that Violet can't understand people, but I actually thought it worked in this episode. It's not like Iris has been completely isolated from Violet up to this point. The fact that Iris doesn't understand Violet isn't really Violet's fault when you think about it. Violet isn't particularly shy about saying what she thinks, so the blame falls to Iris for making her own assumptions about Violet and refusing to ask. It's kind of a contrast to Violet, who's constantly asking questions.

Compared to what we saw last week, Violet's letter was surprisingly good. I was actually wondering if Iris had dictated it to her when it was read out. It seemed nothing like the stuff she'd written in previous episodes. I guess that's a sign of progress, which is promising.

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