Kokkoku Episode 4: Who's next?

This series is really revealing information much more quickly than I expected. I guess that's a good thing. I'm still curious about the overall direction of the show, as it's looking more like we'll be spending an entire series in a single Stasis. I'm definitely happy to see that Juri is starting to fight back instead constantly running away.

Juri's flashback was kinda lackluster in my eyes. It's interesting to see how much the grandfather knows about the Stasis world, but the whole concept of the dead dog didn't seem that exciting. Still, I give the series credit for actually giving an explanation rather than constantly giving hints.

Wow, Juri figured this out way earlier than I expected. It would have been very easy to let her miss the fact that the dead guy was frozen, so I was happy to see this.

Based on later events in the episode, I guess Majima's knowledge of Stasis makes some sense, but it's still pretty strange that she knows as much as she does. Still, I found it really interesting that the lesser stone can't bring people out of Stasis.

Also, who exactly is going to be brought into Stasis now that someone else has died? We're running out of family members.

Awkwardly enough, the preview explains more than the entire final scene in the episode. It looks like Majima knows about the Herald from her previous experience in Stasis. I was actually wondering if she had managed to get into Stasis a second time somehow, but it didn't make sense with the information we'd been given.

From the preview, it looks like the lesser stone triggered when the actual stone was triggered, bringing in Majima and (presumably) her brother. My only problem with this is that it makes the hidden cameras somewhat worthless. If the lesser stone triggers with the actual stone, why would you need to watch them activate it?

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