Darling in the FranXX Episode 3: Really pushing the envelope

I found this week's episode pretty fun to watch. I think I can boil most of my issues with this week's episode down to complaints about the adults in the series. They felt like the source of strange exposition and seemed like they were being incomprehensibly cryptic.

Looks like I barely made it in time to notice the link between codes and names before the show told us about it.

Can we get a decent reason for why Hiro isn't allowed to pilot with Zero Two? Based on what we've seen so far, the only argument I've seen against the idea is that Zero Two kills her partners. So if he's not even taking damage while piloting, what's really stopping people. It's not asking too much to want a simple reason, is it?

This conversation is the first overt indication that Hiro was originally considered to be incredibly talented, but it actually makes me feel bad about noticing the other clue. Last week, there were definitely some scenes that indicated that the code that each child had mattered, so I probably should have realized then that Hiro's low code number meant he was gifted. Maybe I was a bit too harsh on this show about subtlety.

I found this joke funny too. This series is clearly a giant sexual innuendo and its characters seem aware of it. Well played.

You sure about that, Hiro? You literally just used numbers...

This bit was probably the most annoying piece for me in this episode. The necessary background information about klaxosaurs is fed to us through a pretty standard tactic. Just make the adults say "I'm sure you already know this, but I'll tell you anyway so the audience can hear".

I was going to get upset with Hiro here, but I ended up thinking about it some more. If he was actually concerned only for his friends, it makes sense that he would agree quickly to allow Mitsuru to ride with Zero Two because insisting on going himself would just eat up time. Hopefully, that's what he was going for...

So...can we put Hiro in the mech already? I'm really curious why they keep hiding Zero Two when they show the inside of the cockpit. What's going on in there?

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