Violet Evergarden Episode 3: Baby steps

I found this week's episode surprisingly charming. The episode didn't do anything particularly special, but I think that ended up working in its favor. The episode ended with the theme of "keeping things simple", after all. Also, I was happy that Violet ends up getting a "win".

I found Violet really relatable in this episode. In the class, she has strong technical ability but struggles with composing the actual letters (watching her type was pretty cool, though). In the end, she eventually finds her place with a more direct and concise approach. At the very least, that's what I aim to accomplish with my own writing.

Heck, I even found Violet's approach to the class relatable. When I approach a new skill, I will usually go through a formal style of training like a class even if it isn't required. Similarly, Violet perseveres in her own class despite the fact that Hodgins is willing to let her become a doll without it.

The story itself wasn't much, but I think it worked out. I was almost expecting Violet to take responsibility herself for the death of Luculia's parents in some way to draw more attention to the fact that she's a soldier. I somewhat question whether the letter at the end was really worth praising, but I guess it accomplished its purpose. It's hard to question results. Plus, incremental progress is more believable than magically fixing Violet's social skills.

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