Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Episode 4: Training time

This week's episode really had me laughing right out the gate. The scene with Mari's mother was both relatable and hilariously presented. I'm very familiar with the internal struggle between telling your parents and keeping things secret because they may or may not already know. Heck, even I was second guessing myself in that scene.

I think my favorite part about that entire sequence was watching Mari's family abandon her. When her mother mentions "Antarctica", Mari's sister immediately shuts the door, and Mari's father is able to figure out the situation and remove himself from it immediately. It was really funny watching everything unfold.

The training session was pretty interesting too. The information presented didn't seem too dense, and the girls felt like they were struggling in a believable manner. They didn't immediately figure things out, but they didn't fail horrendously for the purposes of a joke. It all seemed reasonable.

I'm really curious about Shirase's relationship with the team captain. Based on her response to Mari, I would expect her to have some sort of resentment toward Gin, but her behavior doesn't really seem to indicate that. When Gin is first introduced, Shirase seemed to want to avoid her. I guess she also had a pretty blank expression during the lecture, which looked pretty similar to her expression in the flashback. Maybe it's as simple as that.

I originally thought Megumi was going to go on the trip, but she's not in the opening. I wonder what her role will be. This final scene makes me wonder if she's going to interfere somehow.

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