Kokkoku Episode 3: Bring in the whole family

I really enjoyed this week's episode. I'm starting to take issue with how this series throws cliffhangers around, but I liked the way a lot of the information in this episode was presented. Now, I'm just wondering how long this first Stasis will last. It seems pretty long for a supposed introduction to the show.

I liked how this flashback was used, and I really hope that it isn't repeated heavily in the future. We saw this flashback last week from Majima's perspective, and it felt mostly innocuous. In this week's episode, the same scene is shown to us from Juri's perspective, linking the two characters and explaining last week's flashback without spoonfeeding it to us. In a later scene, Majima seems to suggest that she was forcefully ejected from Stasis without going too heavily into it as well.

Some "fake science" warning bells are going off here, but this scene is still interesting. It's cool that the villain is researching the Stasis world as well, even if he's doing it heartlessly. I also think it's interesting that the Handler loses power when it kills someone. Usually, these kinds of "forces" are just absolute rules of the world, but this one seems to have its own realistic limitations.

This scene makes me feel more annoyed about the scene from last week's episode. The way this scene plays out is exactly what I was hoping to see last week. Why not just have the Specter leave the dead body while everyone is looking away?

Is it just plot convenience that Makoto was targeted by the orphaned Specter or was it just because he was interacting with the other people in Stasis? That aside, though, I liked the interaction between Makoto and Tsubasa, even if Makoto is an annoying brat. Tsubasa's attempt to keep Makoto from becoming a NEET like Tsubasa was pretty funny.

Hiding as one of the Stalled was pretty clever, but it's not like there's any danger here. Plot armor is impenetrable.

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