Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 2: Rude awakenings

This week's episode ended with a pretty interesting twist that has me curious to more from this show. I applaud the show for keeping its characters relevant to each other, but I did have some issues with how that was done.

The avengers raise an interesting moral question for me. I've seen this idea a lot that "the punishment should fit the crime", which is generally taken as inflicting the same level of suffering on the perpetrator that was experienced by the victim. Honestly, that has always seemed like an overly simplistic system to me, so I didn't really agree with the avengers here. It just makes me wonder how it makes you any different from the perpetrator if you use the exact same methods.

The brief fight in this episode didn't really seem like much. Most of it seemed to be focused on Xianming as he swiped with the dagger. Is this the show's way of telling me what to expect in the future?

I'm curious. If Banba had stayed in the office as Xianming had asked, would he have been safer? What was Banba going to do to stop the hitman from entering the office? It seems like he would have been in more danger.

Nice casual title reference.

Keeping track of the organizations in this episode seems like it will be more difficult than keeping track of the characters. Last week, I thought everything was somehow under the umbrella of the murder company, but it seems like there are at least three independent agencies going around (not including the avengers).

I was quite surprised with the twist at the end of the episode. I wasn't really expecting Xiaomei to be killed off in such a flippant manner. Of course, this only makes me more suspicious. I'll be pretty annoyed if Xiaomei ends up just being alive.

Also, was the dead girl in the room with Saitou really Xiaomei? That part seemed like a misdirection. Maybe I'm just overly suspicious, but the hair color was definitely different. I know hair color isn't reliable, but it feels too strange to trust.

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