Violet Evergarden Episode 2: First jobs are always tough

While I found Violet to be pretty charming in this episode, I couldn't help feeling like there was something awkward about it. To put it generally, I think something about how events progressed felt unnatural.

What was I supposed to get from Benedict's interactions with the other employees? I suppose the simple answer would be that he's just awkward and unpopular at work, but the fact that he was asking primarily female coworkers made me wonder if he was some kind of flirty playboy.

Violet's behavior in front of the clients didn't feel like anything new, but I still found it funny.

Violet's first attempt at a letter was funny too, but I felt like I couldn't really follow the logic behind the scene. Did no one even notice that Erica just threw Violet under the bus because she felt uncomfortable writing a love letter? Even if she managed to keep quiet, it still seemed weird to me that no one would ask Violet why she was writing the letter in the first place. Of course, the client loses points too for not making Violet read the letter to her before sending it.

So, I don't mind that Erica projected her own insecurities about her work effectiveness on to Violet, but I thought it didn't really come across well until it was spelled out in the end. The earlier scenes did suggest that Erica didn't have much confidence, but that aspect always felt like a side thing to everyone's comments about Violet. I guess I didn't expect that to be the focus of the episode based on how it was presented.

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