Beatless First Impressions (1): Another android show

This first episode left me with a lot of worries. There were some decent aspects to it, but I don't feel like I learned much about the setting and I didn't like where the action seemed to be going. I know there was only one fight in the episode, but I didn't really find it appealing.

Without a doubt, my favorites parts of the episode were the ones that showed off the technology of the world. I loved seeing things like the automated system that punishes you for not paying attention in class or the clothing cooling system. Everything seemed really accessible, like the sort of devices we could reasonably develop in the near future.

Arato's introduction kinda baffled me. I get that we're supposed to see that he treats hIEs somewhat like humans, but I don't understand why that scene did it. Arato and his friends focus in on the hIE, but what about the old woman? If the old woman is human, why is the act seen as helping an hIE rather than helping an old woman cross the street? The latter seems more reasonable to me.

As for the content of the episode itself, I had a lot of trouble with the way that the world was set up. In an early scene, one of Arato's friends asks him if he knows what an hIE is. We as the audience don't yet know what they are, but the conversation continues on without an answer as though we should have recognized the term. So we go into the big military fight without really knowing what we should be expecting from these androids. For all I know, it could have been a training exercise.

There's something funny about having Lacia read her terms of service out to Arato when they meet, but it kinda deflates the tension in the scene. If she has time for that, is he really in any danger?

This scene at the end seemed the most promising to me. If the series expands on this idea of what defines humanity more, I might find it a lot more interesting.

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