Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Episode 3: The crew is assembled

This series continues to be really entertaining for me. I kinda got the sense that this episode might feel a little too convenient for the main characters, but I didn't end up getting bothered by it. Now that the cast is set, I'm really looking forward to seeing them interact with each other in Antarctica.

I quite liked the way that Yuzuki is introduced. I can see how it could be called predictable, but I liked how deliberate the scenes seemed. We initially see a flashback that clearly shows us that Yuzuki wants to have friends, which is admittedly a pretty common background for celebrity characters. However, the next scene expands on this idea. When she says to her mother that she doesn't go to school for exams, it becomes pretty clear that her true purpose is to make friends. From there, the rest of the episode kinda follows as you would expect.

The other big scene that I liked in this episode was this dream that Yuzuki has about the other girls showing up at her window. I was going to call it ridiculous before I found out it was a dream. However, it seemed like there was more to it. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but the next scene shows Yuzuki walking to check her window. At that time, the camera focuses in on the bottom of the window, as if to say "of course that was a dream...hotel windows never open all the way".

I guess this character is a former acquaintance of Shirase's mother? I almost thought she was the same person before I took a closer look at the photograph. Man, I really need to work on my anime character recognition...

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