Kokkoku Episode 2: Learning the ropes

I still find this series intriguing, but I have a bit of an issue with the way it presents information. This week's episode felt like it had way too many repeated scenes to allow it to jump around in time in a way that I didn't find constructive. That being said, I'm still pretty curious about the Stasis and its rules, so I want to keep watching for answers.

I don't actually mind that the grandfather doesn't know all of the rules driving the Handler. I've seen too many shows where characters that they've managed to figure out every rule of some alternate world just based on experience and list them out. The grandfather rightly acknowledges that there's probably a lot more to the Handler and just states what he knows.

I wasn't expecting comedy from this show, so I actually found the revelation that they had forgotten the father to be pretty funny.

This line about the Handler being some kind of "corrupted" human is pretty interesting and probably more than just an offhand remark.

I think Tsubasa's "awakening" is probably the best example of a jarring shift in time. While it's interesting that it happens, I feel like it would have made more sense if it happened as a side scene after Juri and the grandfather escaped, rather than a few scenes later. This variation forced a repeat that was pretty confusing at the time.

I did think the portrayal of Tsubasa after he wakes up was interesting, though. It makes sense that he would think that Makoto is dead given that he doesn't know the situation. I'm also curious about this whole lighting effect that transferred to him. Sure, I can understand that it moves to someone else when the host dies, but what does it do? Is it only meant to let someone move in this particular Stasis or does it have further effects?

The whole concept of "entering the same Stasis" didn't really sit well with me in this episode. I get that the episode later sets up the fact that the cult set everything up and was watching when the family when the spell was cast. However, the analogy of the "frame" makes it harder for me to believe that they'd be able to time it correctly. Just how much room did they have to enter the same frame?

Honestly, I was expecting the episode to hit a cliffhanger as Juri unlocks a hidden power to save herself. This cliffhanger seems targeted towards making it look like Juri is dead or in a critical situation, which is hardly believable. Plus, the preview kinda ruins that illusion.

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