Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens First Impressions (1): Kill them all?

I always have a tough time with shows that feature a large cast because of the issue of keeping track of everyone across a long period of time. Maybe it's because the characters are mostly hitmen, but this series managed to do a pretty good job of keeping the characters distinct and initially memorable. It's more than I expected from a show about a company of hitmen (looking at you, Joker Game). Keeping track of names will be a nightmare, though...

Awkwardly enough, the first character introduced had the least interesting story from my perspective. Based on his sister's name, I'm guessing he's Chinese, but the whole concept of putting together money to find his sister doesn't seem particularly interesting. That might change as things go on, though, since a lot of the story seems to be getting focused around him and the detective.

I really liked the progression of character introductions in this episode. It starts out by introducing a single hitman to set the show. Next, it introduces the new guy, which establishes the idea of a company of hitmen. The natural question after seeing that is "what's keeping this city under control?", and we see the introduction of the detective. The episode also introduces the "revenge seekers", who would also answer that question.

Finally, the only remaining question is how the detective is still alive if he's able to find the hitmen so easily. We see the inevitable hit on him, which the first assassin aborts...for some reason. I sure hope he has a good reason, as I expect it to be a heavy influence on my opinion of the show. If he says that he's just helping the detective to get back at his boss or because it makes his real mission of going back to his sister easier, I don't think that will be good enough.

There were multiple mentions in this episode about a hitman who targets other hitmen. Honestly, I thought that this new guy was going to be that hitman, but I'm really starting to doubt myself. Were they just talking about the revenge seekers? Or is the new guy hiding better than I expected?

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