Darling in the FranXX First Impressions (1): Finding a special someone

I swear I'm not trying to sound like a contrarian, but I wasn't super blown away by this first episode. The early interactions between the two lead characters didn't seem too interesting, and I felt like they lingered on certain points a bit too much. That being said, the world seems pretty interesting and I'm definitely curious to see more from the mech fights.

Did we really need to have the symbolism of the jian stated twice by different characters? I feel like there could have been more subtlety in the way the concept was expressed. Maybe that's just me.

To give a better example of what I'm saying, I want to point at another scene. When Hiro first sees the ship carrying Zero Two, the camera switches focus on to Zero Two as she says something like "found one". Based on the drama of the scene, it seems like she might be looking at Hiro, having found her eventual "darling". But if we remember the previous conversation, she mentioned wanting to find somewhere to swim. I liked the use of double meaning here.

The whole "outsider getting a special mech" story for Hiro didn't feel totally new, so I hope there's more to it. The synopsis for the show indicates that he was originally considered to be a prodigy, which has the potential for something more fun.

Does Zero Two really have to keep pointing out how similar the two main characters are?

There wasn't too much to the fight in this week's episode, but there were elements to it that I found interesting. Particularly, I'm curious about the fact that it looked like the "weapon" was pumping something into the klaxosaur. I'm looking forward to learning more about the world.

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