Overlord S2 First Impressions (1): Back to business

Well, this episode certainly was good for making me realize how much I'd forgotten about this series in its absence. I think I have the important bits, but I'm curious to see how it will affect my perception of this season. Still, I always saw this series as fun, and this episode was pretty entertaining.

I actually don't have too much to say about this Rubik's Cube scene. At least, the cube was displayed well. I didn't notice any lazy animation when it moved and the pieces didn't look obviously wrong.

I was also paying too much attention to the cube to actually read what the two characters were saying. Are these people supposed to be the enemy?

The first scene in this second season referenced a "vampire" who pretty much has to be Shalltear. This dragon also flashes back to an encounter he had with Shalltear. Is this just some random background for her or she supposed to be even more important in coming events? I suspect I'm just forgetting something really obvious from the first season.

The fact that this guy's name is "Climb" makes me wonder if Renner should actually be "Runner". The names would be equally ridiculous then.

Okay, I admit that I forgot this piece of Albedo's introduction. At least it's a useful flashback, right?

Watching Shalltear pretend to be drunk was pretty funny. Poor Shalltear...I have to remind myself that she was the final boss of the first season. The exposition from Ains helps.

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