Violet Evergarden First Impressions (1): Hope for the best

This show certainly had its share of hype surrounding it. I guess I'm only adding to it as I quite enjoyed watching this first episode. To dispense with the pleasantries, I'll go ahead and say that it looked really good even if I know that means little coming from me. But other than that, I thought that the premise of the show was introduced pretty well.

I liked the way this paper scene played out in the opening. It seemed like it was helping to set the story. It started by flying through ruined buildings, likely ravaged by the war, before floating past a giant ship, reminiscient of the ships used to bring soldiers home from war. This scene felt appropriate for depicting the aftermath of a war.

Violet was pretty well-established as a tragic character. I didn't get the sense that they were mentioning her somewhat "inhuman" self-image too much. I did kinda feel like the series was somewhat forcing me to just accept that she was a super soldier trained from a young age. That part just felt a bit weird. Maybe there's more to it.

I did like how the series approached Violet's past with Gilbert. The episode seemed to give bits and pieces that were enough for the audience to put together the full story. But the flashbacks also made me wonder just how much of it Violet realized herself.

The scene where Benedict sees Violet's hand was pretty interesting to me. I would expect a normal character to freak out and apologize for forcing her to show her prosthetic like that, but Benedict just accepts it and moves on. I wonder if it's just meant to further display his nature or to indicate something about how this world is.

Honestly, the fire imagery in this scene as Hoggins talks about Violet's metaphorical "burns" seemed a little bit too overt.

Violet's reason for joining the Auto Memoir Dolls seemed reasonable to me. The way that the client's letter was transposed on Violet's own memories seemed a little cheesy, but I guess it worked. I was going to question the random female voice that didn't belong to Violet, but it made a lot more sense when the new character was introduced.

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