Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Episode 2: Still fun

I have way too much fun watching this show. There's just so much stuff happening on screen that the show makes me want to pay more attention. I also really like how the show presents information.

I liked the way this joke was presented. It didn't feel like it was being overdone because they never truly reveal the punch line. It also seemed useful for characterizing the main characters based on how they react.

These impressions were great. I wasn't convinced by this character's voice, but this scene made me come around.

This chase scene was way more intense than I expected it to be. It looked really nice and the song that was playing was cool. My favorite part was definitely when Hinata hid at the table with the two drunk ladies.

This scene goes into what I was saying about how this series reveals information. I had to check the first episode to make sure, but Takako is the name of Shirase's missing mother.

If this scene is a memory of the two ladies that chased the main characters, it would mean that they were probably on the same expedition as Takako when she went missing. It explains why they know Shirase, why they wouldn't want her to go looking for her mother, and why they're personally motivated to go to Antarctica. The entire scene just felt really impressive to watch.

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