Kokkoku First Impressions (1): Let's try it

I was intrigued by the premise of this series, but this first episode has left me with too many questions to give any form of judgment. At the very least, I'm still interested in knowing the answers, but it largely depends on where everything is going. The idea of a time-frozen world seems interesting, but I'm not sure that I'm completely interested in focusing on how people abuse it.

There was something inherently confusing about this opening scene to me. Knowing nothing about Juri's family, I inferred from this scene that her brother and father were dead. The interviewer asks about her brother and father, and the screen inexplicably switches to a view of a cemetary. Is it supposed to indicate that she considers them to be dead weight?

Perhaps this is isolated to the first episode because it was trying to introduce a new world, but I thought the show went a little far when it was showing off the time stop. Do we really need to pan around frozen objects so much?

I like this question. It's a valid question. However, the fact that the series acknowledges the question and refuses to answer it anyway makes me think that the series doesn't care what the answer is. It almost seems worse.

It might seem like I have a lot of complaints, but I'm legitimately curious about this series. The fact that people in this world have special powers definitely has my interest. I'd be happy to learn more about it.

I also have questions about this "herald" monster, which seemed to appear around Juri earlier in the show. Is it supposed to be some form of warden in the world? Juri's grandfather seemed to indicate that people tended to act immorally in the world and get swallowed up, so it's possible that the herald punishes people. I guess we'll see.

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