Grancrest Senki First Impressions (1): Pretty chaotic

I ended up having a lot of issues with this first episode. Generally, I thought the fights used too much slow motion, the world was confusing and poorly developed, and the characters were just kinda okay. I found myself asking a lot of questions and getting mostly annoyed. I'm not sure how long I'll continue with this series...

From the very beginning, I wondered why something like this was even present in the middle of an important wedding. Let's be honest...this thing looks clearly evil.

I also don't get why the wedding fails. Based on this portrayal, the groom is at least somewhat in love with the bride. They should have feelings for each other, right? The death of their fathers is a clear tragedy, but it should be obvious to anyone that the demon lord appeared to stop the wedding. Why would they let the demon lord win?

On the brighter side, the guy on the right has the best facial expression.

Something about this scene doesn't sit well with me. I want to believe that Siluca has a rare ability to create monsters, because this seems like a cheap way to make someone stronger otherwise.

The fight itself is a lot of slow shots focused on specific attacks. This shot in particular annoys me because Theo is slowly spinning in the foreground while the rest of the scene is static. In a later scene, the other lord starts his attack in slow motion and ends up looking completely ridiculous as he shambles forward.

Even the ending of this fight is depressing, as Theo's literally flailing on the ground when he gets the killing blow. If you combine that with the fact that Siluca just gives him the opportunity to absorb a stronger Chaos Core, the events makes Theo seem extraordinarily lucky.

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