Fate/Apocrypha Episode 25: We made it!

Okay, let's finish off this last remnant from the fall season before starting the new stuff. While this ending wasn't great, it was better than I expected. For many of the scenes, I found myself thinking I could live with that explanation, which is something I don't think I say often for this series.

First off, let's deal with Semiramis. While I was annoyed that she survived, her final scene with Shirou was one of the scenes that I accepted as fine. She briefly explains why she fell in love with Shirou, and the explanation wasn't terrible (that he saw her as a partner rather than a pretty face). Also, I assume her final line is some reference to the real Semiramis that I didn't get.

So...just don't direct resources to the immortality wish? Problem solved? I'm sure there's some rule about magic in this world where you can't easily stop a spell in progress without additional effort.

The episode also did the thing where the character says something that's intentionally kept quiet until a few moments have passed. I always get annoyed when I see that.

Is the "Reverse Side of the World" something that's established in the Fate world? I'm not super familiar with all of the lore in the series, so I don't recognize it. But it's brought up as the solution as though anyone should know about it, so I can only assume that it's an established place.

As for Jeanne and Sieg's ending, I want to be upset about it, but I can somewhat accept it. It was literally the first scene in the series, after all. I also don't know enough about this reverse world to know whether it's possible for a dead Servant to appear in it anyway.

Final Score: 6/10 Could have been worse...it had its moments and some of the characters were solid.

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