Fate/Apocrypha Episode 24: Battle of the blurs

I find it really depressing how far this series is willing to go to make Sieg the main character. At this point, Astolfo, Siegfried, Fran, and Jeanne have basically been tossed to the side to give Sieg the spotlight for no real reason. This episode was truly rough to watch.

Jeanne got through her issues surprisingly quickly. I was expecting at least an episode of agonizing, but Sieg's arrival was enough to fix her.

Honestly, I really want to agree with Shirou's plan, but it seems so poorly explained. As far as I can tell, it's a pretty simple "get rid of all human suffering" plan with very little thought behind it. Maybe there's more information in the light novel or something, but it seems like the series focuses too much on the result of his plan rather than the mechanism.

This attack looked really awesome for how ineffective it ended up being. Also, the fact that this scene looked great made it even more frustrating that the sword fight didn't look great.

Sigh...why did Semiramis have to live?

I'd be more willing to accept Fran's return if there had been some kind of hint at it. Sure, Sieg got electrocuted by her, but I'm pretty sure that was written off at the time as just a means to revive him. Having the scene suddenly become relevant again just seems cheap. Maybe you could call it pandering to the fans.

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