Konohana Kitan Review: Making folklore interesting

I wanted to take some time today to talk about one of the series in this season that surprised me. Konohana Kitan was a show that didn't really appeal to me in the first episode because it seemed like a pretty generic show with cute fox girls (and potential yuri undertones).

It's an episodic series that revolves around an inn named Konohanatei, which caters to various supernatural guests such as gods or lost souls. The main character, Yuzu, is the new attendant who has been sent to Konohanatei, and we watch her as she finds her own place amongst the other attendants.

But despite being episodic in nature, I found the stories in this series to be surprisingly engaging. Rather than focusing too much on the cute characters, I actually felt like the episodes did a good job focusing on the folklore aspects. My favorite story is one that involves a old lady who is making a kimono for her daughter. It sounds simple as described, but there's much more behind it (I'm avoiding spoilers, of course).

The characters themselves are a strange point for me. I think they're introduced well, but the main characters didn't appeal to me as much. For example, I like the helpful and earnest nature of Yuzu, but I find her klutzy nature to be a bit overboard at times. She tends to find herself in some really ridiculous (and surprisingly dangerous) situations and manages to get out every time.

In all, watching this series was a very enjoyable experience. It's true that it's a moe show in nature, but I honestly think there's a lot more going on to keep you interested.

Overall Score: 8/10

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