Houseki no Kuni Final Episode (12): I'm ready for more

This season's ending was a bit strange, but it still didn't make me feel bad about the series as a whole. It was probably about the best you could expect from an ending that's clearly leaving room for a continuation. I did like that it referenced events from the first episode, contrasting the new Phos with the old Phos in preparation for meeting Sensei.

I really wasn't expecting Padparadscha to go so quickly. I was worried last week because it seemed like it was going into a new character's introduction, but Padparadscha only really awakened to give Phos some advice. I can live with that.

Zircon's story with Bort seemed to crowd this final episode a bit, but it still seemed interesting. It's nice to see that Bort might actually get a consistent partner, even if it's at the expense of Yellow Diamond and Diamond. It's also fun to see someone envious of Phos.

Ahh, I really wish this series hadn't ended with so many pressing questions, but I suppose it couldn't be helped. I'm really curious about that talking Lunarian.

It's here that I will admit that I read the manga (only up to the end of this episode) to see how these events are portrayed. And honestly, I felt like the growing suspicion of Phos was handled better in the manga. Multiple sections are skipped to reach some form of resolution in the anime, so Phos goes to Cinnabar much sooner.

Regardless, this scene was nice to watch. The fact that Cinnabar placed so much hope on the promise Phos made speaks a lot to how much Cinnabar wants to find a true purpose and a place to belong. Even though Phos has seemed to pursue the promise earnestly, the promise itself has seemed like a bit of a side comment for Phos. As we see in this scene, it's been a constant thought for Cinnabar.

Final Score: 9/10 Consistently enjoyable to watch and a lot more than I was expecting from the premise

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