Dies Irae Episode 11: Can we call it done now?

This show makes me feel like I need to come up with new and innovative ways to insult criticize it. Anyway, we've gotten to the end of the TV release and not much has really changed. This series still clearly seems geared towards the VN readers and I'm not entirely sure it succeeds at that either.

I'm gonna need more explanation for why Ren hates knives now that we've...gotten the explanation. If Shirou was saving Ren from being a lab experiment by stabbing Kasumi's father, why would it cause Ren any emotional anguish? Wouldn't he be happy about that? Mercurius suggests that Shirou unknowingly got himself involved in something, but I would be surprised if Ren knew anything about that.

Hey, this scene gives me an opportunity to say something positive. If this is another German chant, at least the subtitles make sense this time. Woo!

What's up with this show and giant CG skeletons?

This Schreiber guy is way too insane for the random guy that pops up without introduction. Let me guess...another random opening to discuss his background is in our future?

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