Inuyashiki Final Episode (11): Saving the world

I honestly had a lot of trouble with this ending. The episode felt like it was rushing through things and the final scenes didn't quite feel right to me. But hey...Donald Trump was in there. I have no idea why his English sounded so broken, though. Maybe that previous episode was just a fluke.

Giving Inuyashiki a chance to reconcile with his family seemed nice, but I still had trouble with it. You might be able to get away with saying that Mari's near-death experience put the family troubles into perspective, but I didn't feel like I was being shown that. It almost seemed like they saw Inuyashiki saving people and decided they wanted to be a family again.

Similarly, Hiro's reconciliation seemed to come out of nowhere. Was it the result of his conversation with Inuyashiki last week? Was he finally moved by the people who were condemning him after he "died"?

There's also the issue of the public reaction to the asteroid. It makes sense that people would start devolving into chaos with the end at hand, but that reaction seemed to be largely swept aside. To me, that kind of portrayal emphasizes that the asteroid really only exists to move the plot, which is frustrating.

I didn't really like that Inuyashiki had to die as well. You could argue that it would have been more troublesome if he was going around as the only robot in the world, but I think those kinds of complicated endings are more interesting. Killing him to solve that problem just seems like a quick way out of the situation. Plus, wasn't Hiro supposed to be the better robot? How did he mess up his simulation?

Final Score: 6.5/10 Interesting in many parts, but felt unsatisfying overall

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