Juuni Taisen Final Episode (12): And I thought I was indecisive

Wow, they actually gave us an entire episode devoted to Rat's wish. I don't think you could come up with a more appropriate ending for this series than to have the entire series erased from the mind of the victor. Well, this series has been quite the ride.

I was honestly surprised that Rat didn't choose to bring Monkey back. It would have been my guess of the 100 wishes. I'm not entirely sure I agree with his reason for rejecting it, either.

Awkwardly enough, this is probably my favorite scene in the episode. Honestly, the thought of trying 100 different ways to ask a girl out and failing every single one sounds pretty gruesome to me. Plus, I found the simulations to be pretty funny.

I mean...did they really, though? Sure, Horse turned out to be more cowardly than he appeared, but talking with him for a few seconds would probably give that away.

I know they needed to get to 100 because it matches Rat's power, but this scene seemed to drag on a lot longer than it should have for what was mostly unintelligible noise.

Final Score: 7/10 For probably all of the wrong reasons

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