Houseki no Kuni Episode 11: Everyone knows

I'm really glad that this episode explored the mystery behind Sensei further. It's an intriguing mystery, but I'm a little sad that we'll likely end the season without an answer. On that note, didn't it seem like the last piece of the episode was bit too abrupt with switching gears? Sure, Rutile got some welcome characterization, but it seemed a lot like the series was saying "okay, on to the next one".

Alex could probably have been explained better. My guess is Red Alex is just a berserk mode fueled by an obsession with Lunarians, but we don't really get many specifics. All we get is that the mode is triggered by seeing Lunarians.

Along the same line, was the scene with Sensei supposed to be "enough" explanation? I suppose it could be enough to say that Sensei knows that Lunarians are lost souls trapped in the world, and he somehow has to power to let them pass on. It would explain why he pities them and why they reach out to him. But surely there's more than that.

The revelation that everyone knew that Sensei was hiding something was a pretty interesting one. Given what we've already seen, we know that Phos isn't exactly what you would call clever, so it would be weird if no one else realized that Sensei had a connection with the Lunarians. Instead, it seems they've chosen to trust him rather than learn the truth.

As random as Padparadscha's introduction was, I'm glad that the series explains why Rutile is the gem doctor. Based on what we've seen in the past, I think the gems each have some basic knowledge of how to repair themselves, but Rutile is there for the tougher cases. Padparadscha's condition is also a good explanation for why Rutile keeps trying to dissect Phos (and other gems) to learn more.

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