Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau Episode 10: New and exciting countries

This week's episode didn't seem to bad in comparison to previous ones, but the series definitely continues to leave me with a lot of questions. I think most pressing of those questions is where the show is headed now. The ending of this week's episode felt like the kind of thing you'd expect in an episode 3 epilogue. We have two episodes left and we're basically just out of the tutorial area.

The fact that thymia is harder to control while inebriated is a fun piece of information, but I'm not sure why we're being told this now.

Sigh...of course this guy's alive.

I guess the idea of this scene is to portray a lighter relationship with the people of the new country, but it still seems a bit too silly to have Suou introduce himself nude. It was a level of goofiness that I wasn't really expecting from this show.

Someone should tell Shokugeki no Soma that a different show is ripping off Nakiri Erina.

This conversation frustrated me more than I had hoped. Chakuro asks about the kokalo, Ema agrees to tell him about it and about the secrets of the Mud Whale that she promised to reveal, and the conversation ends with Ema only telling Chakuro what the kokalo is. Give me something, Ema.

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