Juuni Taisen Episode 11: The decision is made

Maybe I'm nuts, but I actually had a pretty good time watching this week's episode. The inevitable resolution of the game was just ridiculous enough that I was having a lot of fun. I also thought that the explanation of Rat's power was interesting. I'm curious about the next episode, though, since this week's episode seems to have wrapped up the fight. Is it just going to be a demonstration of Rat's wish?

I was honestly ready to fly into a rage when I saw this line. Of course Ox remembers Tiger, the random girl who he didn't even realize was a warrior. They went through the trouble of having Tiger state that there was no way he'd remember, so why wouldn't he remember?

Ox's explanations might get a bit dense, but I actually found them quite interesting. It fits his character description as the systematic warrior who's a genius of battle. I just hope there's more to this statement he made about each warrior having a distinct advantage that bent the rules of the fight. If we learn more about the organizers next week, it could come back into play. I'd be disappointed if it was just a throwaway.

I laughed a little too hard at this scene. I'm very familiar with the story of the rat winning the zodiac race by riding on the ox's head. I've said before that I saw a lot of what happens in this series as trolling, and this scene feels like a pretty blatant example to me. It completely shows its hand by stating exactly what it's referencing. In any other situation, I'd say it's just bad dialogue, but this seems to fit.

The way that Rat's power is revealed is also nice. Rather than giving a simple explanation, he first demonstrates it by using it to attempt to escape the winner's interview. Then, he's basically forced to give away how the power works.

My only real question is what every other warrior was feeling when they noted that Rat was familiar. Is it just an unexplained side effect of his power? Surely, it's only Rat that experiences the hundred scenarios. His power's clearly supernatural, though, so I suppose it's easy to explain away.

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