Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau Episode 9: Unleashing the daimon

I really do want to like this show, but I feel like it won't stop giving me reasons to be annoyed every week. I'm still pretty upset that the Skylos soldiers seem incompetent, allowing a thymia-less guy to give an entire speech without attacking. Maybe I should be more lenient since it was shown that the soldiers are children, though.

The fight in this week was a lot more jumpy than it has been in previous weeks, but I really did like the tag team fighting style that Ouni and Nibi used. It's honestly the reason the fights bothered me. I wanted to see more of that.

This guy is seriously frustrating as a villain. It really seems like he's just there to give speeches. Anyway, Nibi's death really didn't feel like much because it was pretty heavily telegraphed. I just thought that his "final conversation" with Ouni wasn't so long.

I'm not sure why this conversation went the way it did, but I guess it works out...

Suou seems a little bit too happy to see these guys. Did he just assume that everyone would die? The infiltration party was definitely a lot larger than the return party.

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