Inuyashiki Episode 9: Practically a meme

Well, this episode was certainly a heck of an experience. This series is certainly escalating. For me, this was kind of a mixed bag, but I feel like I'm weighing it heavily based on what I think is to come.

Okay, we get that the asteroid is a big deal already. I'm starting to think that this is just building to an ending where Hiro destroys the asteroid in order to redeem himself after the slaughter he's caused. And while I don't believe that this confidence in America should be justified, I absolutely believe that there are people who think this.

Yeah, I get that shock is a thing, but this is a pretty calm reaction to seeing a guy with his brains splattered on the ground. The blood is pretty clearly visible.

I really can't tell whether this "trick" from Hiro is good or bad. It seems a bit trivial for him to restrict himself to killing through a smartphone when there's no reason to do it. However, maybe tricking people is intended for some reason. If it's there, I didn't see it.

I will give the episode credit for this. Even if it was a couple of lines, the English lines in this scene sounded like actual English, which is more than I expected. Still, this woman loses points for having her cell phone connected enough to play an online video as the plane was taking off.

Please tell me that it's intentional that the episode with a plane crashing into a city is episode 9 out of 11. Also, the plane from this perspective looks strangely large for a plane.

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