Juuni Taisen Episode 10: Longest death

Yeah, I'm still sticking with my story. You thought that deaths could only be anticlimactic? Well, we're gonna drag Tiger's death through an entire episode! And instead of showing the Rabbit backstory, this episode is pretty much an extension of the Tiger backstory. Personally, I thought the episode went on way longer than it should have.

With how much Ox got to speak in the flashback this week, I was sure that this episode was counting as his backstory. It's still possible that this is the case, but I feel like we learned very little about him, especially with regards to his past.

I think I ended up seeing Ox's speech as largely empty. There's probably something in there about making sure you have the right motivation before you try to accomplish something, but it's buried under quite a lot of repetition.

I will, however, give this episode credit for how it treated Tiger's story. When I really thought about it, I realized that it didn't really make sense for a drunkard who didn't care about anything to join the Juuni Taisen. So, this episode kinda bridges that logical gap while also explaining her grudge with Ox.

In many ways, this episode sorta came off as forced romance, but I'm honestly not sure if it pushed it far enough to count. At the end of the day, it just seemed like Tiger really wanted her senpai to notice her. Also, I really felt like I was sitting there waiting for Tiger to get on with it and die at the end...

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