Dies Irae Episode 8: It's still too mysterious

I really question a lot of the logic behind this week's episode. As always, the way this series flies through scenes is particularly frustrating, but I can usually see how the VN might have handled it better.

I'm not sure why the series bothers to show us the news skepticism towards the giant rampaging in the town. Later in the episode, it's mentioned that videos of the giant are available online, so I don't know why the news wouldn't know about these sources that are a bit more reliable than hearsay.

I'm also confused why Eri decides to tase Kasumi in order to abduct her. She would know that Kasumi is Shirou's friend and we later see that Kasumi is happy to see him, so why not just use Shirou to get Kasumi to come with her? My suspicion is the episode wanted to show us the taser earlier so that it could be used again to keep Kasumi safe.

I'm sure there some really important exposition going on with the phone call, but my attention in this scene seems to be elsewhere. I have no idea why...

Did Eri and Shirou really get enough development to deserve an emotional exit here? I'm still not convinced that Shirou's dead because he seems too confident, but I don't really care if he is. The series has told me that he's important to Ren, but I don't personally know enough about him.

The series gets a pass for this one because it's subtitle-specific. If Rusalka is speaking Japanese here, there's really no reason to translate it into German other than massaging your ego.

Anyone want to explain to me why this scene had to be interrupted by the ending song? It's not like it's particularly suspenseful or anything. Also, isn't a bit late in the game for the priest to keep using these vague suggestions? You have to explain at some point, right?

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