Inuyashiki Episode 8: That was fast

You know, I might have liked this complete 180 more if it wasn't immediately following another complete the same character. I understand that the point is to show that the teenage mind is volatile, but cut me a little slack here. I also wonder if it cuts too much into Inuyashiki's story. He's felt like a minor character the past couple of episodes.

Probably the most unbelievable part of this raid is the fact that the SWAT team guns down a defenseless grandmother before shooting the girl who was literally calling out to warn Hiro.

Please tell me that the aliens that gave Hiro and Inuyashiki robot bodies are behind this asteroid. Otherwise, the show is expecting me to believe that none of the astronomers on the planet were able to notice a 50km asteroid headed towards Earth.

Ando's casual references to how much Hiro outclasses Inuyashiki are actually pretty funny. However, I recall that Ando was pretty hesitant to participate too far into Hiro's antics, so I'm starting to wonder how he knows so much about Hiro's capabilities.

Part of the reason I bring up Inuyashiki's lack of presence is the fact that I was surprised to see that Mari was suddenly becoming a major character. Do we really have time for her? Or does she only exist to give Inuyashiki father points? I admit that the scene where Inuyashiki supported her manga dream was nice. It was pretty good for a guy who was prepared to hide a terminal cancer diagnosis from his family.

Did Hiro really make the mistake of creating an enemy who will return to mess with him in the future?

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