Juuni Taisen Episode 9: How to die with dignity

I'm getting more and more convinced that this show is just doing whatever it can to mess with the audience. Why else would they keep Dragon alive just to immediately kill him off in the next episode? I have to admit that I was laughing pretty hard when I saw that.

Tiger's backstory was okay, I guess. She's a literal embodiment of the concept of drinking away your sorrows. Still, it's probably another jab at the viewer that her background was shown when it was clearly Rabbit's turn. Honestly, I was expecting Rabbit to randomly show up and slaughter the people in her dojo or something.

I don't really have a strong opinion on the CG, but this week's fight sequence looked pretty good. I liked the way the attacks flowed into each other and didn't feel like I was watching a ton of cuts.

Uhh...what? Since when do corpses overhear conversations with their eyes? I think you're missing a logical step here where the fact that their eyes are functioning implies that their ears are also functioning.

This show really loves its anticlimactic deaths, huh? Still, the fact that Rabbit is a necromantist combined with his expression here makes me think that he's not quite dead yet. We haven't seen his story, after all.

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