Catching up on Kino no Tabi (Episodes 6-8)

I've been avoiding this show because I was losing interest with it. However, there's a convenient gap this week because last week's episode of Fate/Apocrypha was a recap, so I figured I'd post some thoughts. My main issue with the show has been the fact that they've started focusing more on people rather than countries. The most recent episode is finally a departure from that pattern. Also, I didn't watch the original, but why does Kino get put in the background so much?

To the credit of the story in episode 6, there seemed to be something there about the hypocrisy of dogmatic "love" for humans. The main character professes that love constantly, but her body betrays her true feelings when the opportunity to get back at her captors arises. Maybe I'm taking a particularly cynical view, but that's how I saw it.

I had a much harder time with episode 7. Sure, I wanted to know more about Kino's teacher, but I wasn't sure what to get out of the story other than a portrayal of a future Kino. I will admit, though, that the final scene where Kino calls the villager on his folk tale was pretty funny.

Episode 8 was still Kino-less, but at least the country was pretty interesting. It was a nice portrayal of how people can be so frightened to investigate their deeply held beliefs. The sheriff was so desperate to make up excuses that he even had me convinced in the beginning that the radio waves were causing crime even though I noticed that the receivers shouldn't be passed to the next generation like Shizu did.

Also, Ti is awesome.

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