Dies Irae Episode 7: Explanations and changes

When did this happen to Marie? I'm sure it's hard to top last week's episode, but I found this week's episode a lot more bearable. Maybe it was because there wasn't any fighting in this episode, but I'm sure there's more than that.

There were two scenes that stood out to me specifically. The first was the interaction between Heydrich and Marie in the dance scene (which definitely looked like real dancing). I'm guessing the idea that Marie's behavior wasn't what Heydrich expected is meant to show how she changed while living with Ren. In the anime version, this doesn't really make much sense because the two barely talk, but maybe this is pointing at missing scenes from the VN.

The second scene was Rea's explanation. I might be reading too much into it, but it sounded like she was saying that her flat behavior was a defense mechanism against accepting the reality around her. If so, that sounds pretty interesting to me.

Still, I definitely wasn't expecting this...

The conversation between Ren and Heydrich wasn't too bad either. Heydrich basically outlines how his life has always been boring and then challenges Ren to entertain him. We'll see where that composure gets him.

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