Inuyashiki Episode 7: Brief moment of hope

I really can't tell whether this episode is believable or not. Hiro's redemption in this episode isn't super surprising, but I'm wondering about how it was done. On the one hand, Hiro's still at an age when changes like this aren't crazy. But on the other hand, he went from murderer to savior in a single conversation.

All of that aside, I did think that Hiro's explanation for his actions was interesting. He's pretty much pursuing a feeling from his past by killing others. It also fits a bit with how he changes...something as flimsy as a single experience can be shifted easier than something like psychopathy.

The moral question in this episode isn't bad either. Can you make up for excessive killing by saving others? I think Hiro oversimplifies it by saying that he'd save as many lives as he took, but the question still stands. It's basically the question of how far someone has to go before we consider them to be irredeemable. It's easy to say that Hiro is too much of a threat because he'll likely kill again, but how do we set that threshold?

Anyway, I guess we'll see how far Hiro will go next week. Given the final scene, I can't see things going well. It's a pity. I would have found it interesting Inuyashiki and Hiro started moving towards some common grey area, rather than standing them on opposite sides of the moral line.

Given that Inuyashiki and Hiro have both been flying for over two months now, I'm surprised that no one has noticed this sooner.

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