Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau Episode 7: The invasion

Headpats are clearly standard operating procedure for dangerous invasion missions. This series continues to be a tough one for me because I really liked how it started and I've become less convinced as it has progressed. This week's episode ended up being a pretty mixed bag of highs and lows for me.

For starters, the episode immediately launches the invasion with a random musical number performed by Neri. I wasn't completely sure what it was accomplishing...it was just kinda there.

The Skylos soldiers just continually come off as incompetent in this episode. I recognize that it could be done to illustrate that the Falaina thymia are stronger, but it's hard to watch them stand around why the main characters cut them all down. And how do you fire arrows from this range and hit no one?

And let's not forget the most ridiculous scene in the episode...this old man manages to casually waltz over to two trained soldiers and shove them off the edge without any resistance whatsoever. I legitimately laughed at this scene.

I really liked watching this particular sequence. The series of attacks just looked great. My only comment was that it seemed a little fast for my eyes. Many of the slashes didn't even look like they connected because they passed so quickly.

I really don't get this guy. I really hope he's actually an outlier for Skylos because he has no idea how to be emotionless.

The massacre at the end wasn't too surprising given that the assault team was basically asking to die this week and last week. I'm curious, though, whether this interaction between Chakuro and Ginshu is meant to suggest that Ginshu will be dying too.

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