Juuni Taisen Episode 8: Justice is tricky

I really don't know about this episode. It seemed pretty dull overall. The flashback was excessively long for characters who already got a flashback in the previous episode. There has to be a simpler way to illustrate that the twins are warriors who only really fight for money. Maybe there's deeper meaning to the comment about Snake's blog that I didn't get...

For an episode without too much action, the visual quality seemed pretty questionable. Most noticeable was the fire and ice...they ended up looking so inconsistent with the rest of the scene that they looked slapped on for added effect.

To the episode's credit, it was pretty amusing to watch how the hearing distorted the facts to present the case. I like the idea of "technically true" statements that are missing context (which Dragon provided).

Really thought they were going somewhere with this...didn't end up feeling like much.

Probably the most interesting revelation in the episode had nothing to do with the twins. I personally found the idea that Rabbit's zombies were vulnerable to fire to be pretty cool. Sure, it's a common zombie trope, but it was revealed in a reasonable way.

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