Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau Episode 6: Almost time

This week's episode was still building up to the big battle, but it seemed more interesting than the last one. Even if it didn't go too far with them, it introduced some interesting ideas. I'm just having trouble with the characters being uninteresting so far.

There was something really creepy about this scene. Maybe it was the fact that these were small children being trained to kill with a bow. Maybe it was the fact that the three kids were completely still frames while the guy was lecturing them. I'm not sure which one it was.

This scene was the one that had me wanting more in this episode. The elder basically calls Suou out for sending people out to kill when the death of his own sister caused him so much suffering. Bringing up the fact that the elder's alternative was a guaranteed mass killing is correct in my eyes, but I wished that argument was explored further. It was still cool to watch, though.

The big Neri reveal about the twin sister was...not super inspiring. Maybe I was a little too attached to the possession angle. Giving her a second personality with all of the answers just doesn't seem too fun.

These people are asking to die. Until I saw that Chakuro, Lykos, and Ouni were on this expedition team, I was convinced that the mission would fail with all of these nameless people. Now I'm just convinced they'll die. Also, there was a fair bit of focus in this episode on Nibi, so I'm putting him in the same bucket.

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