Dies Irae Episode 6: The big boss

Well...this just reached a whole new level of ridiculousness. While I give the episode credit for creating an entertaining final battle (though that might have been mostly hilarity), it definitely felt like a crazy whirlwind of scenes. My standard complaint about uninspiring fight scenes still applies.

This introduction scene felt obligatory because Shirou's constant references to "deja vu" would have been even more frustrating and nonsensical without it. But the entire scene felt too "extra". Was there really no natural way to introduce this information within the events of the story? The way Shirou's talking to the camera makes it pretty obvious that he's talking to the viewers.

Ren's scenes were even more nonsense. He went from a randomly screaming coward to a full-on weapon charging into Heydrich. I really have no idea how his powers work anymore.

Sorry, Marie. You got half an episode of development. I really don't care...

This line sounds very mysterious and all, but becomes pointless when the very next line says the thing that doesn't "need" to be said. You might as well have said "there is no need to say unless you need to explain to the audience".

I know this is a screenshot, but the actual scene was just this still shot with moving water under the ship. Was it really so hard to make the light beams move? And if it was done on purpose, why move the water?

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