Inuyashiki Episode 6: Internet never changes

I don't know if it's just me, but something about this episode didn't really sit well with me. Having Hiro's mother commit suicide makes sense as a way to force Hiro off the edge. But his current development really screams for a redemption, and I'm wondering if it's being pushed too hard.

The whole 2chan thing felt really heavy-handed too. A message of "don't be too cavalier with what you say online" is fine, but the episode felt like it was going out of its way to justify Hiro's killings. Hiro does murder a bunch of reporters harassing his father, but it felt like the episode spent more time on the troll hunting part as if it was really pushing its message.

I mean, is passing Hiro's address to the media such a horrible thing? I know it's an age where we don't trust the media and all, but I imagine they must be competent enough to find where a person lives with a name.

And while I find Inuyashiki's scenes entertaining, I'm starting to wonder if he's been relegated too much to comedic support. This phone scene also bugged me because Inuyashiki talks with Andou without accepting the call. That's just not how phones work.

Also, how incompetent is the police that they all managed to miss that Hiro flew away?

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