Fate/Apocrypha Episode 19: Break time

I guess this week's episode was cooling down from the Jack interlude and preparing for the final fight. I guess the only exciting part of this episode was the Astolfo reveal, but the internet has already systematically made sure I knew about that already. There's also the continuation of the Sieg struggle, which I'm not sure was necessary.

I can't really be bothered to look back through the episodes leading up to this point, but was it ever suggested that Astolfo wasn't fighting with a real Noble Phantasm? This reveal seemed really random and I was pretty convinced that it was just put here to randomly give Astolfo a purpose. Wonder if I missed something...

I didn't have problems with Sieg's doubts from last week, but they felt overblown in this week's episode. I guess I was expecting him to investigate these things more subtly, but he has a full-blown conversation with Saber of Red of all people. Talk about unproductive.

Yeah, this whole sibling thing was set up, but I wasn't really interested in it. When I saw the shadow fall over Caules in this scene, I was honestly wondering if the Hanging Gardens had suddenly appeared outside of the castle. That would have been pretty funny...

Did Sieg realize that Ruler's into him? I sure hope that's what this line meant.

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