Houseki no Kuni Episodes 5-6: Finally useful

I regret skipping this series last week because both of these episodes were pretty interesting. Episode 5 was interesting for me because Phos had managed to survived being dissolved within a slug, but some new legs were enough to grant a new power. It was also neat to see everyone banding together to find Phos, even Bort who's constantly throwing insults.

As I said before, I'm sad to see Ventricosus go, as she provided a lot of personality to the series. It's also kinda cool that she didn't just go. Because of the loss of Phos's legs, it's more like Ventricosus was written out of existence. Phos was the only one who could hear her, and now even the memories of their underwater conversation are mostly lost.

I really liked the scene where Phos washed up next to Cinnabar. I mean, of course it would be Cinnabar, but the sad state of Phos was pretty chilling. And the whole time, Phos was going on about trying to save Cinnabar.

But yeah...Phos gets some new legs and becomes the Flash. I feel bad for Yellow Diamond, who gets introduced in Episode 6, because the yellow streak is a lot more appropriate than Phos's green streak.

I wonder if the stripes on Phos's new legs were done on purpose. They made me think of the saying "earning your stripes".

Episode 6 was pretty fun to watch because Phos's excitement was pretty relatable. It was a nice portrayal of the nervousness and excitement you feel on your first day on the job, while everyone else is disinterested because they've been doing it forever.

The lighting changes in this scene just as Sensei's tone changes...nice touch.

I think that the cool Amethyst twins make for a nice sidekick for Phos, but I'm confused about Bort's backlash at the end of the episode. Sure, Phos was standing there, but did Bort really expect anything from Phos's first battle? I guess Bort is generally pretty gruff, so that might just be a personality quirk. Heck, I honestly thought the Amethyst twins might be the first fatality in this series.

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