Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau Episode 5: Explanations...sort of

This week's episode seemed mostly focused on finally building the world outside of the Mud Whale, most of the information we got felt pretty basic. I think I came out with a lot of confirmation of things I already suspected, but they came with many more questions. Most evident of all is how are these people going to fight off the Skylos forces? Ouni and Chakuro can only do so much.

The introduction of Falaina really escalated quickly. I wasn't really expecting it to be resolved so quickly. I got the sense that the other two elders were moved by Chakuro's words and Lykos's actions, but it still seemed a bit random that they changed their minds.

Now that the cards are on the table, Falaina's secret seemed like it was forceably restrained. As soon as we learned of the emotionless Skylos soldiers, it wasn't hard to guess that the sinners might just be guilty of having emotions. I guess I was expecting more to that. It's still possible, to be fair, as there could be a bigger reason for why Falaina failed to eat emotions.

I was more interested to hear that there were other nations out in the world. Most of my questions from this week revolved around why Falaina was so important to the emotionless nations. Why are they trying so hard to make sure that Falaina doesn't fall into enemy hands? Is is because thymia is unique to places that have a nous? Or do the citizens of the Mud Whale have some extra ability?

There was something funny about the fact that Suou's big speech was pretty much trivialized by the arrival of Ouni. I'm glad he's back too, but give Suou his moment, man...

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