Dies Irae Episode 5: Something about a guillotine

I suppose this episode was meant to be the reminder that this series is meant to be a VN, not just a constant stream of doom and gloom. Still, I have to give the episode credit. While it's true that having Marie show up in Ren's bed isn't too inspiring, I thought she was pretty entertaining overall. I especially liked the scene where she started mirroring Kasumi's actions.

I really don't know what to make of Marie's past. I suppose she was sufficiently creepy, but she seems like such a bizarre outlier that I find her hard to believe. Mercurius also seemed to have an odd fascination with her, which makes me wonder just how much influence he had in her creation. And I get that guillotines were big spectacles in the French Revolution, but these people seemed a little too crazed...

I guess Shirou's back too? I guess I'm curious to see where he stands in the whole thing since he's clearly not working with the Longinus Dreizehn Order. His fight with Ren in the beginning can't be a coincidence, right?

Ren's scene with the gun is cool and all, but his power really just increases whenever it wants.

So is this how this works? I know that Shirou's getting thrown into the mix, but is every episode just another fight with one of the Order members?

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